welcome to my internet webzone!!

A simple 3D model of a cartoon monkey in a lab coat and holding a clip-board. They are waving towards the viewer!

hello~ I'm Teak!

I'm not online much, but it's nice post things sometimes

I made this site and then had a chronic illness flare-up so there's not a lot here currently lol

I'll make some new stuff whenever :)

stuff that is here currently:

NEW Bug Blog - Photography blog of the various insects living in my garden

Lego: Journey to the Green Planet - some photos i took on my Nintendo DSi when i was 12

(special thanks to a whole bunch of people at the spriters resource for ripping the DKC3 sprites!!)
(the monkey at the top is MysteryMonkey49 from the Frog Detective games)
(There's a lot of monkeys on this page. That wasn't intentional)

Animation of a huge but baby cartoon ape waving his hands in celebration.thanks for visiting!!Animation of a small cartoon monkey with blonde hair and a pink beret waving her hands in celebration.

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